A bayb sits on a chair at a clandestine campsite in Nador, northern Morocco

A baby named Kader sits in a plastic chair at at a clandestine campsite of African migrants named Bolingo in northern Morocco near the border fence with Spain’s north African enclave Melilla, November 28, 2013. Spain-bound migrant onslaught from Africa has fluctuated for years between the trans-Saharan route – including routes headed to Ceuta and Melilla – and the perilous sea route to the CanaryIslands. But now that the sea route has dried up as a result of Spanish and EU policing, the former have risen in popularity. Hundreds of Sub-Saharan immigrants live in sub-human conditions in the Gurugu mount, which overlooks the fence in Nador, hoping to participate to a mass assault or board on one of the many immigrant rafts that head to Spain. Picture taken November 28, 2013. REUTERS/Juan Medina (MOROCCO)

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