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The People’s Republic of Taksim

Taksim (AP Photo / Vadim Ghirda)


What looked like a beautiful dream really was only a dream. After twelve days of festival of freedom in central Istanbul, Turkish government cracked-down the protest(ers), arrested many activists, journalists and lawyers and destroyed the idea that something like a democracy is possible in Turkey. It’s not. And it will never be. The era of human rights is dying down fast. There’s no place for this “dead-weight” concept in neoliberal economy with etatistic fundamentals. Turkey. China. India. Brasil. And, yes, European Union.

But still … Taksim square was for days a place of freedom and forgotten ideals. It will, forever, stays in the memory; in the historical memory. And one could feel it while the festival of freedom was going on. It was nostalgia in live. And a story fortold.

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